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  1. Silicon Valley is a State of Mind →

    Vinod Khosla wrote a great post on the importance and magnificence of the Silicon Valley ethos. The whole thing is worth a read, but I wanted to highlight this parenthesis he uses to describe Valley entrepreneurs: 

    (When I say Silicon Valley, I mean it how my Kleiner partner John Doerr meant it when he used to say “Silicon Valley is not a place but a state of mind.”)

    I love that idea and I’ve long believed it. Lore is based in New York but we very much live and breathe the Valley spirit. The internet has allowed that mindset to spread—like many things, it’s no longer geographically bound. 

    The mindset is one of relentless optimism, that nothing is too big to improve. It’s faith in the future combined with the confidence to try and invent it.

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