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    Today we’re rolling out a totally redesigned platform for courses. It’s way more beautiful, easy to use, and powerful. We’re launching it now in time for back to school.

    Check out our topic pages to get a sense for the new product. Specific features include an integrated stream for both conversation and calendaring, the ability to invite auditors, a new class library with Smart Stacks, an all-new gradebook, and beautiful user profiles. It’s all built from the ground-up.

    We’ve spent the last 4 months working day and night on this. I’m so proud of the team—both for what we’ve built and how much we’ve grown. 

    This is the next step in becoming the platform for education, a global network of learners, teachers, and educational content. It’s the first in a series of updates we’ll roll out over the summer. We’ve had a tremendous start, with courses in over 600 schools, and we anticipate a huge next few months.  

    Learn more.  

    — Joe Cohen, CEO

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