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  1. Copy and Paste

    The best part of the internet is that no one owns it. It’s not regulated by governments or controlled by large corporations. You don’t need a permit to publish a website or permission to start a business. It remains a frontier.

    Imagine, though, if big media companies in the 70s had a say in the design of copy-and-paste. They’d have freaked out. It’s a tool designed for stealing.

    We take copy and paste for granted. It lives in the same bucket as right-clicking. But it’s such a foundational part of how we use computers. It’s what makes the internet work. Beyond that, it’s shaped our mindset as technologists: we take inspiration, learn from the best, and do it better. We hack.

    It was hackers, mostly anonymous, who invented copy and paste. They forge frontiers.

    This, sadly, may change in the future, as governments get nervous and proprietary platforms like iOS become more dominant. But for now it’s still the Wild West, and that’s why I spend my time on it.

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